Be Cautious! A Simple Facebook Mistake Cost This Mother Her Child!

The internet and the social networks it brings can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. This mother had to discover that the hard way. Her story should be known by everybody and we should draw the appropriate conclusion from it. Imagine that you have received a friend request from a complete stranger. You have no idea who he or she is. However, they have cute profile picture and you think they are nice. And just like that, you decide to accept the request. What are some of the things that can go wrong?


You soon forget about your new facebook friend since you have much more important things to do. It is your offspring’s first day at school and you feel very proud and excited and you choose to post a photo on facebook. You may chose to write a description of the photo and even add a location of the school. It is all done in a couple of minutes, but the consequences that it can bring are terrible.

What secretly happens next is inconceivable. That particular stranger whose friend request you accepted a few days ago, has saved your child’s picture, and has uploaded it to an online brochure and has sent it to an unknown number of men throughout the world. The writing under the picture says:

“Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 10,000 dollars!”

You are clueless of the happenings since it is all happening behind your back. The beginning of the horror starts when you want to collect your child from school a couple of weeks later, but she or he is not there. You search everywhere, and ask everybody you meet with tears in your eyes if they have seen your child. The truth is that you wouldn’t want to know the things your child is going through. And you could have stopped this if you hadn’t post that picture on facebook. If you are lucky, your child may be spared, but knowing that your child’s picture will appear in a child molesters catalog is disgusting enough. So stop accepting friend requests from strangers on facebook. It is better to have fewer friends than survive this terrible story.

You must always remember this message. When you are attending to people you do not know on the internet, be observant and skeptic. Do not accept friend requests from strangers. And what is of utmost importance: no pictures of your children. They can fall in wrong hands. Pedophiles often search for an openness of this kind. You would not show your private pictures to everyone in real life.

Be kind and share this warning. You can prevent a tragedy.

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