Everyone Should Know These 8 Basic Dressing Rules

It seems like there are no limits and boundaries whatsoever when it comes to fashion and the variety of choices in style and the way we dress. Having a unique style is great, but there are some rules to follow when it comes to the way we dress. Some of the same clothing mistakes are repeated over and over again, but you can of course try and not do them.

This is a short guide to help you better your overall appearance and feel more confident.

1. Buttons

The middle button on your suit jacket should be kept closed, and the top button it is your choice whether you want to keep it closed or open. But remember, the lower one shouldn’t be closed.

2. Jewelry

It doesn’t matter if you are a jewelry enthusiast or not, you can make this mistake with many accessories too. Balance is key, remember, and don’t exaggerate when it comes to jewelry. Too much of it or matching jewelry will make you look tacky. If you like your big earrings, dodge the necklace or vise versa.


Source: Cool Men Style

3. Tie length

This one is easy since you can always adjust your tie. Make sure that the bottom tip don’t reach your waist or pass it, because that will make your tie appear too long. Also, if the bottom tip is above the waist is too short.


Source: Twitter/@DeadSoxy

4. Shirt and jacket

Remember, whenever you are wearing a button-up dress shirt without a tie, you don’t need a jacket. If you are wearing a tie on and it will imediatelly look like you’re missing your jacket.


Source: Reddit/WSUCougars22

5. Belt

If you prefer to tuck your shirt into your pants, you don’t need to wear belt, otherwise just untuck your shirt and live your life.

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Source: Real men real style

6. Shoes and matching belt

It is not a strict rule, but your belt color should match the color of your shoes. It looks better if they are both in the same color.


Source: Youtube/ Improvemant.com

7. Tags

Of course, it can happen to all of us, but make sure to remove all visible ties from your clothes. Investigate well, because some clothing brand place tags in really strange places.


Source: Huffpost

8. Balance the clothing items with prints

Wearing too many prints at the same time will not make you look amazing but rather like quilted upholstery. If you have a top that has a leopard print on it make sure you choose pants or skirt that has a neutral color and hasn’t got any prints.


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